Jack and Sophie : A Love Story

Get in line ladies, Jack has a girlfriend. Her name is Sophie, and she is a giraffe.








DSC_0934Sophie is sweet to Jack’s gums and his curiosity. We make sure to take her with us wherever we go. Except for church maybe, because she does squeak.

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Tiling a Backsplash

We conquered a long awaited house project last weekend. It was an unessential, but nice, project to get done. And it looks lovely! Jordan was so skilled at getting the right cuts and making it look really spiffy.

We cleared off all the countertops, removed the faceplates for our light switches and electrical outlets, and got all out materials out. We decided to do a white subway tile backsplash with gray grout. A bit of a risk because the dark grout against the light tile would show any imperfections. Besides a couple semi-crooked tiles, the end result is great. Jordan did wonderful!

DSC_0922Jordan did all the cuts on the wet saw and I did most of the tile laying. Jack took two really nice, long naps so we were able to do it all in one day (although it was a full day).


We used a tile adhesive from Home Depot that made laying the tiles really quick and simple. No mixing required.


When Jack was awake and Jordan needed a handed, he was quite happy to play in his exer-saucer in the kitchen. As long as he’s close enough to see us, he’s happy.


Day Two was grouting. The tile set for almost 24 hours before we started grouting. Jordan initially got pretty nervous because it was really messy. The gray haze took many swipes with a damp sponge to get off the bright white tiles.


Once grouting was finished, we polished the tiles a couple hours later to fully remove the haze from the grout that dries on tiles. We were done and pleased with the final result.





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Our First Real Snowfall

The following pictures are too cute to handle. We had a big snowfall here last weekend, and Jackson was absolutely fascinated by the snow. Despite the look on his face in the below picture, he really loved it!DSC_0953

He spent minutes sitting still in my lap, staring out the window. This doesn’t happen often.DSC_0955

We made a baby-mama snow angel pair.DSC_0958

He looks miserable in this picture. Wet and cold. He really was almost all smiles outside. He didn’t fuss at all, just a few extra blinks when the snow fell directly into his eye. We wondered if the good parent thing to do would be to bring him inside, but decided he’d let us know if he was cold. He was mostly just giggly and fascinated.DSC_0968

This is my favorite shot. I love these guys!DSC_0969

Look at that little chubby chin! (Jack’s)DSC_0975





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I Painted A Rug

I did something kind of crazy and pinterest-y. I painted a rug. We had been looking for a long time for a rug to put in Jack’s room. The room is 10×10. An 8×10 rug is too big; a 5×7 rug is too small because of the furniture configuration in the room. We tried a few, but kept returning them because they all looked awkward. We figured the ideal size would be 6’8”x7’8”. Good luck finding a rug that size that is semi-attractive for under $300. I tried, but had no luck.

On a blog I read every once in a while the blogger painted a cheap white IKEA rug with blue stripes. I liked the look of it, liked the price tag on the rug ($45), and it happened to fit close enough to the size we were looking for. So we picked up the rug and I picked up a gallon of paint. I think I would have been fine just getting a quart. We have a lot of leftover paint, so I am brainstorming what to paint next with the color (bathroom vanity? a chair?). I decided to do a chevron pattern instead of the striped pattern. I figure if I get sick of the chevron I can always turn it into stripes later on.

First I taped it off with Frogtape. It wasn’t perfect, but I was okay with that. It’ll have that “handmade” look. 🙂 That’s what I say to make myself feel ok with imperfection.



I did the first coat and became aware I’d need to do a second coat to get into all the grooves of the rug.



It went pretty quick once I got going.



Once I finished both coats, I peeled off the tape while it was still wet and I was in the love. I think it turned out great! The one downfall (and it’s kind of a big one) is that the painted sections are kind of stiff. The blogger I read said this wasn’t an issue on her rug, so hopefully with use it’ll get better. It’s not uncomfortable by any means, just not as soft as the rest of the rug. Probably an obvious thing I should have thought of. Oh well.

And here she lies…



It is Jack approved.


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Jack Sits!





Jack completed a milestone without me even realizing. I have an app on my iPod called “Baby Center.” Every once and a while I look at it for baby game ideas, milestones to be watching for, and other baby know-how (i.e., “how to get your baby to sleep through the night…” we’ll get there someday!). I read that around this age, many babies can sit semi-supported (mostly just making sure you are close by so that when they lose their balance and topple over, you can make sure they don’t knock their heads).

Since Jack has long been able to hold his head up, and recently has been rolling over more and more, I thought I would give it a try. Alas, he did it the first time I tried!



Talented young boy.

He puts his hands in between his legs for balance and lasts anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds before he topples over. He seems to like it, until he wants to reach for something and then realizes he can’t sit and hold something at the same time. Soon enough, Jack, soon enough.


I cannot get enough of this little one.



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Johnny Jumper

DSC_1031The Johnny Jumper is one of Jack’s most favorite toys/activities. There are days where I will put him in it and he is content for 45 minutes to an hour. He looks at the shadows from the sun shining in the windows, sucks on the chair part, and stares out the storm door directly in front of him. He’s an active boy, so this is a good way to get some energy out and some play time at this stage of his life.DSC_1041




Here’s a link to a video I took of him jumping. It is probably boring to most (not much happens), but me and the grandmas (I’m sure) think it’s adorable.

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Christmas Time is Here!

I am so excited to celebrate Jack’s first Christmas. I was ready to put up the tree, get out his Christmas outfits, and throw a wreath on the door the day after Thanksgiving. But Jordan insisted we wait on December 1st. So, we decorated the Christmas tree at 6:30 am on December 1st.


We are an artificial tree family. Both of us grew up with real Christmas trees, but the convenience of a fake tree won us over last year. And I must admit, I was not sorry to be able to just send Jordan up to the attic and a few minutes later have our tree set up and lit by just plugging it into the wall.

If only Jack could be the star on our tree. Just kidding.


Get a load of this face…


We expected Jack to be more enthralled with the lights than he actually was. I had images in my head of laying him down by the tree and watching him lay still, entranced by the twinkling bulbs. Not so. He was amused by the lights for a few seconds, but then quickly reached for the branches and pulled them in towards his mouth. Those little baby arms even pulled the entire tree towards himself when I was holding him. The boy is strong! I am always learning with each stage as a new mom what to expect and be careful about. Christmas trees apparently are a known safety hazard to be cautious of for little ones. Now I know! 🙂





The little stinker.


How sweet is his little peppermint stick outfit? It is on loan to us from our baby friend Hudson.


This “baby #1” stocking was on our tree last year when I was still pregnant with Jack. It was very fun and sweet to put it on the tree with him this year..outside of my belly.

This is me last year. I think I need a new Christmas shirt.


All that fun made this little boy tired.


Not this guy though.


Merry Christmas!


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Jack is 5 months!


Pinch me. Jack is 5 months. I cannot believe it! These last 5 months have flown by SO fast. It is the epitome of bittersweet (as I understand that word at least). I am so happy and excited to watch him grow up and develop. He is so much fun to play with as he is becoming more interactive and energetic. But I miss his newborn stage, the sounds he used to make, the old looks that he gave. Everyone says, “enjoy it…it flies by.” That is so true. So much more true than I realized. I’m making a concerted effort to really soak him up as much as I can. So without further ado, Jack at 5 months!


He changes day by day so I don’t see the difference until I look back and see the progression month by month. He has quickly surpassed Ernest the Elephant’s size.




Jack is eating 3-4 times per day and once at night. I’ve spent a lot of time wondering if he is getting enough food by only eating that often, but he doesn’t seem hungry and his diaper output is still like a champ. Even if he’s gone 4 1/2 hours during the day without food, he’ll eat and be done in about 10 minutes. The nurses at the hospital and all the books say they’re not getting a full feeding unless it takes 20-30 minutes, but that just never seemed to be true of Jack. After his first 6 or so weeks in which his feedings seemed to last an hour or more (because he kept falling asleep and I was very bad at waking him up!), he has been a speedy little eater.



Jack is an amazing night-time sleeper and he has been doing great during the day lately as well. His typical bedtime is between 5:00 and 6:00 pm. 9 times out of 10 he goes down to sleep without a peep. Then he will wake up once to eat around 2:30 or 3:30. He falls right back to sleep after eating (usually with a few squeals during his diaper change. He is incredibly smiley) and then he will sleep until about 7:15 most days. If he goes to sleep too late (which believe it or not, is sometimes at 6:00), he will wake up way too early (5 or 5:30 am). But thankfully, after much trial and error we’ve figured out that means he needs to go to sleep earlier. So then we’ll put him down closer to 5 and he’ll blissfully sleep until 7:15ish. It is glorious.


He takes 2-3 naps per nap. His morning nap is very predictable. Right at 9:00 he goes down and he has been sleeping until about 11:15. This is a new development and I am enjoying it while it lasts! He’s been a short napper for all his life up until now. But three days in a row he’s taken a 2+ hour nap. Also glorious!

His afternoon nap and the every once in a while late-afternoon nap is still pretty disorganized and unpredictable. Today he didn’t go down again until 3:00. He was wide awake and happy the whole time. But more often he needs another nap around 1:00. That nap has been really short lately (20-30 minutes). It recharges his battery until about 4:00. Then he takes another nap, but I wake him up from that one because he sleep hard (the way he does at night) and long. Needless to say, I am going through trial and error here and trying to figure out his needs and read him. If only he could talk and tell me. Sometimes (oftentimes) it is hard being a new mom. There is a whole lot to figure out and no fool proof formula. Every day is different.



Jack is rolling over like a pro from his back to his tummy. It still takes him some frustration to figure out he can roll back to his back from his tummy. He does it in his crib, and he does it every day outside of his crib, but he usually fusses a bit before figuring it out.


He is laughing hilariously when he’s tickled and when we make funny faces or do funny things (like jump up and down). He smiles a lot. He reaches for toys he wants and then puts them straight to his mouth, and he reaches for people he wants to be held by. At least that’s what I say; maybe he is reaching for people he wants to put in his mouth.

He is reaching for our food while we eat and getting quite frustrated when we don’t give it to him. So, we’re getting ready to start solids soon. He’s showing the signs that he’s ready, but our pediatrician advised us to wait until he is 6 months old. I think that has something to do with protecting his bodies against developing allergies. So, we’re planning on introducing his first solid food to him on Christmas morning. We’re thinking bananas.


Jordan and I are overwhelmed multiple times daily with how much joy and love little Jack brings to our lives and our home. To say he is a blessing is an understatement. We thank God for little Jack daily. We pray he would grow up to love Jesus with all his precious heart.

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Tub Time

Around 5:30 or so every night in our house we are doing one thing only. Bath time! It is one of the best times of the day for all three of us.

Jackson LOVES his baths. He just melts during bath time. He’s usually pretty quiet and doesn’t smile very much, but he sort of gets into a zone of relaxation that he only gets in during bath time (and I suppose while he’s in his car seat and we’ve been driving on the freeway for awhile).

It is also one of Jordan’s favorite times of the day because it is his sacred duty to do bath time. It is their special father-son nightly ritual. When Jordan was in Budapest last month, I was nervous about bath time! I seriously rarely handle this part of Jack’s day. Jordan is just too good at it for me to interrupt the flow.

But I do still enjoy bath time. This is my 10-minute window of opportunity to start a load of laundry, get dinner going, pick up toys, blankets, and dirty laundry, empty the diaper bag and restock it, put shoes away, etc. I power clean for 10 minutes and then we’ve got a clean baby and a clean home. It’s wonderful.

Anyways, enough about cleaning, onto more super-cute pictures of sweet Jack in his birthday suit.

Jack is a champ at water running over his eyes. Contrary to what this picture seems to capture, Jordan is not spraying water directly into Jack’s eyes.

Bath time is a good time over at our house!

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We Went to the Zoo Zoo Zoo!

If you’re a Flyer’s fan, maybe you just sang that title like I do in my head every time I hear the word “zoo”.

Jordan had Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off of work so we took advantage and did some family fun days. We had a lot of fro-yo, a good amount of ice cream and coffee, a trip to Ikea, and a trip to the zoo! Jack has been to the zoo once before with Grandma Midge and he seems to really like it! Last time, I loved being in the brisk weather in his stroller and loved to look at his grandma. This time he seemed more aware of, and interested in, the animals. He really had his eye on the spider monkeys. Here are a few pictures!

As Jordan’s offspring, he’s bound to have some affinity with monkeys.

We saw the bears next. They’re massive!

Good thing Dad is there to protect him

Handsome husband got the camera

Handsome baby. He looks very serious in all of these pictures, but I promise he was having lots of fun! He puts his model face on when the camera comes out.

My dad poured the concrete footing for this big turtle, so we had to stop for Jack to take a ride. Nice work Dad!

And to top off a great day, we got to visit with Grandma Midge after the zoo. They live just a short walk away from the zoo. Lucky us!

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