Jack’s life at 4 months

Jack wakes up anywhere from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. We haven’t quite hit a rhythm yet on what his optimal wake-up time is. He’s really consistent going to bed at 6:00 pm though, so for now I’m enjoying the 9:00 am sleep in times to make up for lost sleep in the middle of the night!

Jack eats during the day about every 3-3 1/2 hours. He’s a fast eater. Usually only 10-15 minutes. He used to take about an hour to eat a full feeding so in some ways it’s nice, but I do miss those long feedings throughout the day.

Like I said before Jack goes to sleep at about 6:00 pm at night after a feeding, bath, story, and song. He then most often sleeps until about 1 or 2 am. I feed him and then he wakes up again at 5:30 am. He usually goes back into his crib both times cooing and talking to himself for about 5 minutes before he falls back to sleep. It is so sweet to listen to.

He’s a great night sleeper. During the day he takes a couple naps. Usually he wakes up after 45 minutes of sleep crying and still tired. I’ll go into his room and give him the pacifier. Then he’ll fall back to sleep after fussing for a bit. I’m not sure what’s waking him up, but he’ll go on to sleep for another hour or hour and a half. Hopefully that’s just a phase he’s going through.

He is rolling over from both his tummy to his back and his back to his tummy. He most consistently rolled from his back to his tummy, although he has done both many times. Sometimes he’ll even laugh after he has rolled over. He seems to think it’s fun!

However, the drawback of this new skill is that he has started to roll over onto his tummy when he sleeps – a big SIDS no-no. We started going in and rolling him back to his back while he slept, but he would just turn back to his tummy within a minute or two. He has a strong neck and can roll both ways, so we are choosing not to worry. Not that we don’t check on him 5-10 times per night 😉

He is laughing too. I’m working on uploading his laugh on a video so that you can see how adorable it is. It makes my day! He laughs everytime we tickle him. He’s starting to laugh now at funny noises and faces as well. Adorable.

He LOVES his Johnny Jump-up. Often times when he gets really fussy, if I put him in there he just starts bouncing and squealing and smiling. He’s an active champ.

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