Jack’s New Tricks

Jack has some new tricks. And he likes to do them in his sleep instead of while he’s awake.

He’s been rolling over consistently from his back to his tummy for about a month. He started doing this while he was awake around 4 months and then started to do it in his sleep and found that he liked sleeping that way more. Although we always laid him down on his back, he would roll onto his tummy and spend his naps and nights sleeping like that.

Specifically, he would roll onto his tummy and put his face right into the corner of his crib. Worry.

So we started laying him down on his tummy so we could control some air flowing into his face. Air flow is good for babies. But now, he’s apparently learning to roll from his tummy to his back (he had a day about a month ago where he did this 20+ times, woke up the next day and hasn’t done it until recently).

He doesn’t do this successfully while awake, but he does it multiple times in his sleep and then he wakes up CRANKY because he doesn’t like to sleep that way! Who would blame him? He seems to not quite have it figured out that he can roll himself back onto his tummy and continue sleeping.

Long story short, we’ve had some sleepless nights over here turning him back onto his tummy. Poor guy. We don’t know if we should just push him to figure it out on his own or keep going in and helping him back to his stomach. Will he just grow out of it after a few days, or is this one of those sleep training moments? I don’t know. We’re going with helping him out right now.

In other news, when we lay him down he sticks his little butt up and crosses his feet. I haven’t gotten a picture because I’m too afraid I’ll wake him up when I take it. I’ll brave it one of these days. But needless to say, it is in the top 5 cutest Jack habits list. Maybe #2 after his snort laughing

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