We had a nice Thanksgiving with Jordan’s side of the family this year. Lots of family on Midge’s side came into town, so both me and Jack got to meet some wonderful people.

We celebrated Midge’s mom, Sylvia’s, (Jordan’s sweet Nainy’s) life on Saturday, so it was an emotional weekend.

Jackson is a sweet blessing especially in those times. A sweet new life. We only took a few pictures, but here they are of Jack’s first thanksgiving

Jack and Uncle Pee-Pee (Peter). They love each other

Auntie Norey!

Great Aunt Ginger was very sweet with Jack. I could certainly tell she had been a mama to a few babies herself!

Big Jack and Little Jack!

We have so much to be thankful for this year.

We are incredibly blessed by Jackson and his life. We thank God for the good and precious gift he is to us

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One Response to Thanksgiving

  1. Grammie Midge says:

    Thank you Alex for the 5 month update. It is so heartwarming to learn about the ins and outs of Jack…

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