Christmas Time is Here!

I am so excited to celebrate Jack’s first Christmas. I was ready to put up the tree, get out his Christmas outfits, and throw a wreath on the door the day after Thanksgiving. But Jordan insisted we wait on December 1st. So, we decorated the Christmas tree at 6:30 am on December 1st.


We are an artificial tree family. Both of us grew up with real Christmas trees, but the convenience of a fake tree won us over last year. And I must admit, I was not sorry to be able to just send Jordan up to the attic and a few minutes later have our tree set up and lit by just plugging it into the wall.

If only Jack could be the star on our tree. Just kidding.


Get a load of this face…


We expected Jack to be more enthralled with the lights than he actually was. I had images in my head of laying him down by the tree and watching him lay still, entranced by the twinkling bulbs. Not so. He was amused by the lights for a few seconds, but then quickly reached for the branches and pulled them in towards his mouth. Those little baby arms even pulled the entire tree towards himself when I was holding him. The boy is strong! I am always learning with each stage as a new mom what to expect and be careful about. Christmas trees apparently are a known safety hazard to be cautious of for little ones. Now I know! šŸ™‚





The little stinker.


How sweet is his little peppermint stick outfit? It is on loan to us from our baby friend Hudson.


This “baby #1” stocking was on our tree last year when I was still pregnant with Jack. It was very fun and sweet to put it on the tree with him this year..outside of my belly.

This is meĀ last year. I think I need a new Christmas shirt.


All that fun made this little boy tired.


Not this guy though.


Merry Christmas!


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