I Painted A Rug

I did something kind of crazy and pinterest-y. I painted a rug. We had been looking for a long time for a rug to put in Jack’s room. The room is 10×10. An 8×10 rug is too big; a 5×7 rug is too small because of the furniture configuration in the room. We tried a few, but kept returning them because they all looked awkward. We figured the ideal size would be 6’8”x7’8”. Good luck finding a rug that size that is semi-attractive for under $300. I tried, but had no luck.

On a blog I read every once in a while the blogger painted a cheap white IKEA rug with blue stripes. I liked the look of it, liked the price tag on the rug ($45), and it happened to fit close enough to the size we were looking for. So we picked up the rug and I picked up a gallon of paint. I think I would have been fine just getting a quart. We have a lot of leftover paint, so I am brainstorming what to paint next with the color (bathroom vanity? a chair?). I decided to do a chevron pattern instead of the striped pattern. I figure if I get sick of the chevron I can always turn it into stripes later on.

First I taped it off with Frogtape. It wasn’t perfect, but I was okay with that. It’ll have that “handmade” look. 🙂 That’s what I say to make myself feel ok with imperfection.



I did the first coat and became aware I’d need to do a second coat to get into all the grooves of the rug.



It went pretty quick once I got going.



Once I finished both coats, I peeled off the tape while it was still wet and I was in the love. I think it turned out great! The one downfall (and it’s kind of a big one) is that the painted sections are kind of stiff. The blogger I read said this wasn’t an issue on her rug, so hopefully with use it’ll get better. It’s not uncomfortable by any means, just not as soft as the rest of the rug. Probably an obvious thing I should have thought of. Oh well.

And here she lies…



It is Jack approved.


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3 Responses to I Painted A Rug

  1. Midge Mogck says:

    this is the best view of Jack, I mean the rug.

  2. emilyhansen says:

    Super cute idea Alex!! I love it!

  3. cwat8768 says:

    Cute! If that is an IKEA dresser, we have the same one. 🙂

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