Our First Real Snowfall

The following pictures are too cute to handle. We had a big snowfall here last weekend, and Jackson was absolutely fascinated by the snow. Despite the look on his face in the below picture, he really loved it!DSC_0953

He spent minutes sitting still in my lap, staring out the window. This doesn’t happen often.DSC_0955

We made a baby-mama snow angel pair.DSC_0958

He looks miserable in this picture. Wet and cold. He really was almost all smiles outside. He didn’t fuss at all, just a few extra blinks when the snow fell directly into his eye. We wondered if the good parent thing to do would be to bring him inside, but decided he’d let us know if he was cold. He was mostly just giggly and fascinated.DSC_0968

This is my favorite shot. I love these guys!DSC_0969

Look at that little chubby chin! (Jack’s)DSC_0975





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