Tiling a Backsplash

We conquered a long awaited house project last weekend. It was an unessential, but nice, project to get done. And it looks lovely! Jordan was so skilled at getting the right cuts and making it look really spiffy.

We cleared off all the countertops, removed the faceplates for our light switches and electrical outlets, and got all out materials out. We decided to do a white subway tile backsplash with gray grout. A bit of a risk because the dark grout against the light tile would show any imperfections. Besides a couple semi-crooked tiles, the end result is great. Jordan did wonderful!

DSC_0922Jordan did all the cuts on the wet saw and I did most of the tile laying. Jack took two really nice, long naps so we were able to do it all in one day (although it was a full day).


We used a tile adhesive from Home Depot that made laying the tiles really quick and simple. No mixing required.


When Jack was awake and Jordan needed a handed, he was quite happy to play in his exer-saucer in the kitchen. As long as he’s close enough to see us, he’s happy.


Day Two was grouting. The tile set for almost 24 hours before we started grouting. Jordan initially got pretty nervous because it was really messy. The gray haze took many swipes with a damp sponge to get off the bright white tiles.


Once grouting was finished, we polished the tiles a couple hours later to fully remove the haze from the grout that dries on tiles. We were done and pleased with the final result.





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One Response to Tiling a Backsplash

  1. I love it! Great job guys! Want to come do ours? (I’m only half way kidding!)

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