We had a nice Thanksgiving with Jordan’s side of the family this year. Lots of family on Midge’s side came into town, so both me and Jack got to meet some wonderful people.

We celebrated Midge’s mom, Sylvia’s, (Jordan’s sweet Nainy’s) life on Saturday, so it was an emotional weekend.

Jackson is a sweet blessing especially in those times. A sweet new life. We only took a few pictures, but here they are of Jack’s first thanksgiving

Jack and Uncle Pee-Pee (Peter). They love each other

Auntie Norey!

Great Aunt Ginger was very sweet with Jack. I could certainly tell she had been a mama to a few babies herself!

Big Jack and Little Jack!

We have so much to be thankful for this year.

We are incredibly blessed by Jackson and his life. We thank God for the good and precious gift he is to us

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Jack’s New Tricks

Jack has some new tricks. And he likes to do them in his sleep instead of while he’s awake.

He’s been rolling over consistently from his back to his tummy for about a month. He started doing this while he was awake around 4 months and then started to do it in his sleep and found that he liked sleeping that way more. Although we always laid him down on his back, he would roll onto his tummy and spend his naps and nights sleeping like that.

Specifically, he would roll onto his tummy and put his face right into the corner of his crib. Worry.

So we started laying him down on his tummy so we could control some air flowing into his face. Air flow is good for babies. But now, he’s apparently learning to roll from his tummy to his back (he had a day about a month ago where he did this 20+ times, woke up the next day and hasn’t done it until recently).

He doesn’t do this successfully while awake, but he does it multiple times in his sleep and then he wakes up CRANKY because he doesn’t like to sleep that way! Who would blame him? He seems to not quite have it figured out that he can roll himself back onto his tummy and continue sleeping.

Long story short, we’ve had some sleepless nights over here turning him back onto his tummy. Poor guy. We don’t know if we should just push him to figure it out on his own or keep going in and helping him back to his stomach. Will he just grow out of it after a few days, or is this one of those sleep training moments? I don’t know. We’re going with helping him out right now.

In other news, when we lay him down he sticks his little butt up and crosses his feet. I haven’t gotten a picture because I’m too afraid I’ll wake him up when I take it. I’ll brave it one of these days. But needless to say, it is in the top 5 cutest Jack habits list. Maybe #2 after his snort laughing

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Jack Laughs

Here’s a link to the video of Jack laughing. It’s not the best quality and I don’t know how to get the video on this blog, but if you’re interested…here it is!

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Freezer Meal Chili

Jordan and I got a deep freezer and I have gone freezer meal crazy. This recipe has been our go-to. We’ve cooked this one up on multiple occasions and served it to multiple people. It has just the right amount of spice and it’s really easy to make. The recipe 8 entrees, serving 4 each. And it truly does serve 4. These servings sizes are American-style (big) serving sizes. Adapt the recipe to whatever group-size you’re serving.

The recipe is from “Fix Freeze Feast” by Kati Neville and Lindsay Tkacsik. There are some seriously good recipes in there. I linked to the book on Amazon, but apparently its selling for about $30. Looks like they came out with a new book since I bought this one. I’d go with that one ($10) and then you can share some new recipes with me!

6 lbs. of ground beef (I used ground turkey)

4 cups chopped onion

1 Tblsp. minced garlic

12 cups Basic Red Sauce (i’ll follow with this recipe)

8 (15 oz.) cans of kidney beans

8 (15 oz.) cans pork and beans

4 Tblsp. chili powder

4 Tblsp. hot pepper sauce

4 tsp. dried oregano

4 tsp. black pepper

8 one-gallon freezer bags

1. Brown the beef, onion and garlic in a large stockpot until cooked through. Cool the beef after draining the fat and divide evenly among the freezer bags.

2. Into each bag measure 1.5 cups of red sauce, 1 can kidney beans, 1/2 can pork and beans, 1/2 tablespoon chili powder, 1/2 tablespoon hot pepper sauce, 1/2 teaspoon oregano, and 1/2 teaspoon pepper.

3. Seal and freeze.

This is cooking, not baking, so I guesstimated and it turned out delish. To cook all you do is thaw out the bag in the fridge for about a day and then cook over medium heat for about 45 minutes or an hour. Yum.

To make 10 cups of the basic red sauce…

1 (12 oz.) can tomato paste

2 cups hot water

2 Tblsp dried parsley

2 Tblsp minced onion

1 Tblsp minced garlic

1 Tblsp sugar

2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp dried basil

1/2 tsp dried oregano

1/2 tsp dried thyme

1 (28 oz.) can tomato sauce

1 (28 oz.) can diced tomato

1. Mix tomato paste with water.

2. Add parsley through thyme. Mix well

3. Add tomato sauce and diced tomato. Stir together.

This recipe only makes 10 cups, which is 2 cups shy of what the chili recipe calls for. You could just supplement with store bought marinara.

The little bit of effort and prep is well worth it when you have a delicious and easy peasy chili dinner.

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Jack’s life at 4 months

Jack wakes up anywhere from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. We haven’t quite hit a rhythm yet on what his optimal wake-up time is. He’s really consistent going to bed at 6:00 pm though, so for now I’m enjoying the 9:00 am sleep in times to make up for lost sleep in the middle of the night!

Jack eats during the day about every 3-3 1/2 hours. He’s a fast eater. Usually only 10-15 minutes. He used to take about an hour to eat a full feeding so in some ways it’s nice, but I do miss those long feedings throughout the day.

Like I said before Jack goes to sleep at about 6:00 pm at night after a feeding, bath, story, and song. He then most often sleeps until about 1 or 2 am. I feed him and then he wakes up again at 5:30 am. He usually goes back into his crib both times cooing and talking to himself for about 5 minutes before he falls back to sleep. It is so sweet to listen to.

He’s a great night sleeper. During the day he takes a couple naps. Usually he wakes up after 45 minutes of sleep crying and still tired. I’ll go into his room and give him the pacifier. Then he’ll fall back to sleep after fussing for a bit. I’m not sure what’s waking him up, but he’ll go on to sleep for another hour or hour and a half. Hopefully that’s just a phase he’s going through.

He is rolling over from both his tummy to his back and his back to his tummy. He most consistently rolled from his back to his tummy, although he has done both many times. Sometimes he’ll even laugh after he has rolled over. He seems to think it’s fun!

However, the drawback of this new skill is that he has started to roll over onto his tummy when he sleeps – a big SIDS no-no. We started going in and rolling him back to his back while he slept, but he would just turn back to his tummy within a minute or two. He has a strong neck and can roll both ways, so we are choosing not to worry. Not that we don’t check on him 5-10 times per night 😉

He is laughing too. I’m working on uploading his laugh on a video so that you can see how adorable it is. It makes my day! He laughs everytime we tickle him. He’s starting to laugh now at funny noises and faces as well. Adorable.

He LOVES his Johnny Jump-up. Often times when he gets really fussy, if I put him in there he just starts bouncing and squealing and smiling. He’s an active champ.

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4 month update

Jack is now 4 months old as of November 2nd.

We have started taking some recurring pictures of him at each month’s birthday. Here’s some pictures from 4 months.

That smile…

This thing with his foot is new…I think he’s just discovered he has feet attached to his body. Can you imagine sitting in a chair with your leg up like that?

Amazed by his feet

After we took pictures of Jack, I took a few of Jordan and Jack. Jordan lifted Jack up in the air…

and he pooped!

Sweet boy!

Do you see the resemblance?

We love our sweet boy! We are so proud of him at 4 months. He’s weighing in at 15 pounds and 25 inches long. He has grown 4 inches since birth and gained 8 pounds. He’s roughly in the 50th percentile (a little below), but growing right along his curve.

I’ll be back in a few days with some updates on what he’s like these days with activity, eating, and sleeping!

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Raking Leaves

Jack helped his grandpa Tim rake some leaves at his house and he looked good doing it

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Jack is 2 months!


Technically, Jack has been 2 months since September 2nd but I thought I’d pipe in and give some 2-month updates and pictures for out of town family and friends.

Here I am at 39 weeks, just days before Jack was born. Looking good. Not tired at all. (just kidding). Without giving too many unneccesary details, my labor and delivery started slow and irregular on Friday morning lasting through Sunday morning when I started to feel painful contractions. We didn’t go into the hospital until Monday a little bit after midnight. Once we got there, my contractions were about 30 seconds apart and intense. I labored for about an hour or two, and missed my window for an epidural. Au Natural. Looking back, I’m glad I was able to do it without any medication; in the process, it was all mind-over-matter. 
Jack was born at 5:28 AM on July 2nd, weighing in at 7 lbs. 10 oz. and measuring 21 inches. He slept almost the entire following 24 hours, which I have since heard is pretty typical for the first 24 hours of life. I guess birth is just as traumatizing for the baby 🙂

Our boy has grown so fast and has brought both Jordan and I so much joy. He is our biggest blessing. We have been astonished by the amount and intensity of love we have for him. It truly is an amazing reflection and lesson on the way God the Father loves us, His children. Here’s a few more pictures of the cutest baby ever (I’m biased).

We had lots of visitors those first few weeks. Uncle Peter and Jack at the hospital, Aunt Jess and Jack at home. Grandpa Tim (Jack’s middle name-sake) and Jack at the hospital.We had some close friends that came to visit Jack in the hospital too – Anna and Holly!Here’s some pictures from home of Jack’s first days. Those eyes of his…

Lots of lovely visitors who generously brought us meals, which is beyond helpful! I didn’t cook for almost a full 2 months. Here are some pictures of Jack at 1 month.

And now at 2 months!He has lots of sweet smiles for us these days. Usually he brings his hands up to his face when he smiles and sort of turns away in a bashful way. It is so sweet.

At our last doctor’s appointment he weighed in at 12 lbs. 12 oz. and measured 23 inches long. Almost 2 feet! We couldn’t be more blessed with our little dad-look-a-like dude.

We love you Jackson!

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